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Digital marketing tools

We will define your goals, your target and your resources. Then, I will help you to choose which tools are essential for the implementation of your strategy.

Website development

We will establish your project together. I immerse myself in your visual universe and your brand identity in order to build a site adapted to your activity.

Social media strategy

I give you the keys to define your strategy. Your social networks are the ideal place to initiate and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

Promote online

Making the prospect aware of your product or service will motivate them to buy or use it. A number of strategies are possible and I will direct you to the right tool.


Natural referencing, or SEO, is all the techniques that aim to position the web pages of your website in the first natural results of search engines. This in order to improve the visibility of the pages in question.

Analytical management

Collecting, measuring and analyzing the behaviors and audience of a website is essential to understand and optimize the user experience. Web analytics is based on data collected by audience measurement and analysis tools such as Google Analytics.

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About me

After studies in marketing, e-commerce and Retail strategies, I did an apprenticeship as a product manager for one of the oldest companies in North in France, which today is reinventing itself. Having been an actor of this transformation as an employee in the company, I could understand that it was a subject I was passionate about. However, at the end of my contract I decided to move to London in September 2018.

Then, I integrate into this new London life and create different experiences for myself. I discover that there is a very large community of nomadic professionals and a very strong innovative environment. I go through networking events, and decide to launch myself as a Consultant in marketing strategies for companies.

Passionate about new technologies, business and human contact. I mix the three and put my skills and experience in marketing at your disposal through relevant actions and advice. 

My role is to go with you in the choice of the strategy to adopt within a very competitive digital environment and to position you or improve your positioning on the internet. 

My latest projects

création de site internet

Mauvaise Barbe

Hairdresser / Barber at home 

SCUSA Valenciennes

Women's ready-to-wear concept store

création de site internet

Sophie Glineur - Cresson

Analyste homéopathe D.Hom

seo, site internet, réseaux sociaux, communication


Cours de Pilates & Yoga en ligne à Londres

création de site internet


Créateur et fabricant de bijoux 

création de site internet

Walls and Roof

30 years of experience in real estate

création de site internet

Alternative Masks and Fashion Accessories

création de site internet

Elodie Lacassaigne

Workout Coach

création de site internet pour le CVV

Cercle de Voile de Valenciennes

Association of the French Sailing Federation

Logo Mood n light

Mood n Light

Rental of light decoration 

Logo Startup Contest

Startup Contest

Business Plan competition 


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